Management accountants work for public companies, private businesses, and government agencies.

Career Opportunities in Management Accounting

They may also be called cost accountants, managerial accountants, industrial accountants, private accountants or corporate accountants, but all perform similar functions within a company.

Indeed, preparing data for use within a company is one of the features that distinguishes…

Sole Selling Agents

The term ‘sole selling agent’ is not defined in the Act, it means an individual, firm or company who or which is given exclusive rights to sell in a particular area the goods of the company concerned.

SECRETARY: A company secretary means “a person who is a member of the Institute of Company Secretaries”.

‘Secretary’ means a company secretary within the meaning of the Company secretaries Act, and includes any individual possessing the prescribed qualifications appointed to perform the duties which may be performed by a secretary under this Act and any other ministerial or administrative duties.

3 steps of formation of a Company are;

  1. Promotion.
  2. Registration.
  3. Floatation

These are explained below;

Formation of a Company


Promotion is a term of wide import denoting the preliminary steps taken for the purpose of registration and floatation of the company. Promotion includes assigning duties and liabilities of promoters.


The promoters to make a…

To explain blue ocean strategy one first needs to understand what its opposite is. If you guessed it is red ocean strategy, you’re right.

Red Oceans Strategy

Red Oceans are all the industries in existence today — the known market space. …

Shadhin Kangal

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